Compare Auto Warranty

Compare Auto Warranty

What To Compare When Buying An Auto Warranty?

When researching a company to do business with, it's important that you do your own comparisons. When comparing auto warranties, ask to see the contract since coverage varies greatly from company to company. Don't just compare an auto warranty by referencing a brochure ... always read the contract! We recommend you do your own research, and this auto warranty comparison checklist should help you get started. Whether you purchase a warranty from us or another company, your ultimate goal should be finding a company you can count on and trust.

Auto Warranty Comparison


When you purchase an auto warranty, compare the following:

Claims Paid History

Coverage Offered

Financial Stability

Ratings & Reviews

What To Compare?

Some important questions you should ask and compare before purchasing an extended auto warranty.

30 Day Review Period
Do you have 30 days to review the contract? Most companies offer a 30 day review period. This will give you time to review the auto warranty terms and discuss it over with your mechanic or family members. If your not happy with the contract, simply cancel for a full refund.

Admin Ratings
Be sure to check out the reviews and ratings of the business your buying from. Is the administrator an Accredited Member of the BBB? Are they in good standing? Do they have an excellent rating and review?

Business History
Everyone has to start somewhere, and we understand that. However, don't buy from a company who has no track record or can't provide you with a sample auto service contract. Chances are, they'll be gone in a few months and so will your money.

Coverage Plans
What exactly is covered or not covered on your vehicle? Do they offer both exclusionary and name component auto protection plans? What is the limit of liability? Is the plan backed by an A rated carrier? Review the contract!

Financial Stability
How financially sound is the administrator and insurer? Do they have a history of paying for valid claims? Do they have enough set aside in reserves to pay for future auto repair claims? Look for a company that offers A rated auto plans!

Auto Protection began selling extended auto warranty plans to the public in 1997. The industry has changed since then -- more regulations, better coverage and more companies offering plans. We offer auto warranty plans from some of the largest and most reputable service contract providers available on the market. We offer flexible payment options, so you don't have to pay up front for the entire cost of the contract. At this time, we have chosen not to participate with the BBB, as they are a paid service, and do not monitor or help regulate false complaints. However, our Administrators has an A Rating with the BBB!

Our Promise

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

At Auto Protection, we believe both in our products and in the knowledge of purchasing extended coverage for your vehicle. This is why every plan we sell comes with a full 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Our return policy is simple. We consider your first 30 days a review period. Take the time to read your contract and discuss it with your spouse, friends and family members, or trusted mechanic. We're confident that you will be happy and 100% satisfied with your coverage plan. But if you decide, for any reason that this isn't for you, simply call and cancel for a full money back guarantee!

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Our plans are accepted at any ASE-Certified repair shop, including the dealer.

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Warranty Questions

Is my car guaranteed to be covered?
A representative will review your information and will contact you as soon as possible provided you have already submitted a free quote request. We provide services for both new and used vehicles, so there is a good chance your vehicle will qualify for coverage.
Do used vehicles qualify for coverage?
Yes, we accept used vehicles as well as new. Please request a quote and one of our representatives will further assist you.
Are payment plans available?
Yes, we offer payment plans with low monthly payments and no credit checks. With as little as 10% down and low monthly payments, you can start enjoying all the benefits that come with a plan from Auto Protection!

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